Isuzu NLR 45-150 Factory Tipper Review

The list of potential buyers for this N-Series range of factory tippers from Isuzu is huge including landscapers, councils, nurseries and builders.

Fitted with the tipper body as standard, the Isuzu NLS 45-150 Tipper is one of the many different vehicles available in the Isuzu Ready To Work range and can be driven on just a regular car license.

Under the cab is Isuzu’s 3.0 litre Euro 5 compliant turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine and the tipper variant is available only with a five-speed manual transmission.


The NLS 45-150 produces 110kW (147.5hp) @2,800rpm and 375Nm (from 1,600rpm) and will handle most loads with ease.

A staple in Isuzu N-Series trucks for years, the manual transmission requires a fair bit of effort to get into first gear, including the somewhat awkward over to the left and downward shift.

Tipper Body

Isuzu NLS 45-150 Tipper 55 Degree Tilt | Truck Tarps Warehouse

The tipper body supplied on the Isuzu 45-150 can be rotated to a very impressive 55 degrees and only takes 20 seconds to get there.

Anybody who has gone through the hassle of purchasing an aftermarket body through a bodybuilder will know that being able to get a great factory tipper with a body straight off the yard is a god send.

The Brochure

Isuzu NLR-45 -150 Tipper Brochure | Truck Tarps Warehouse




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