Heavy Duty 'Mighty Mesh' Tarp
Heavy Duty 'Mighty Mesh' Tarp

Heavy Duty 'Mighty Mesh' Tarp

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Our heavy duty mesh tarps are recommended for use with the truck pull tarp but can also be used for other applications.

These premium tarps feature a 17 x 17 thread count at 425 GSM (grams per square metre) or 15oz. You won't find a higher quality mesh in the Australian market with most tarp suppliers charging even more for a lower quality 10oz mesh.

These tarps come in a wide variety of sizes. Please ensure you measure your truck properly to ensure you purchase the right size tarp. You can find a list of factory tippers, their measurements and our recommended tarp size here. Note: if the truck's tipper body was not built by the truck manufacturer you may have a different dimensions to what is mentioned here. Always measure the internal headboard and the length of the tipper body before purchasing a tarp.


  • PVC-coated polyester fibres
  • Highly durable under heavy use.
  • Flow through weave that prevents tearing, abrasion and wind-flap.
  • Double needle lock-stitching on all webbing.
  • 4 inch (100mm) rear pocket lined with vinyl reinforcement and V cut out for pull bar installation.
  • Rust-proof eyelets every 600mm along sides for easy tie down.
  • 4mm spline at the front of the tarp to attach to the Pull Tarp roller.
  • Colour: Black