Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp
Truck Pull Tarp

Truck Pull Tarp

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Truck pull tarps are a semi-automatic tarping solution for your tipper. The tarp is housed in a 20cm x 20cm housing that is fitted to the front of the body and held at the rear with cleats.

Each pull tarp system is built made to measure and is available in 5 metre or 7 metre lengths. 

The system comes preassembled and can be fitted in less than half an hour. Operation is extremely easy, simply pull the rope and hook the tarp tube at the rear.

The tarp automatically retracts as the operator slowly releases the rope until the tarp is fully wound back into the housing. 

We use the highest quality mesh tarp on the market, the "MIGHTY MESH" which comprises:

  • 350GSM mesh.
  • 10cm rear bar pocket with reinforced PVC for strength and durability
  • 4cm black PVC strips double stiched along the 4mm spline used to connect to the roller bar.
  • 5cm webbing clinched all along the perimeter.
  • Brass eyelets clinched every 600mm on both long sides
  • Double needle lock stitching across entire tarp.

WARNING: Replacement tarps can be found here.

The tarp you should purchase should measure between 50-100mm SHORTER than the width of the mounted axle. For example,

  • If the truck's headboard is 2400mm wide you should purchase a tarp between 2250-2350mm wide.
  • If the trailer's internal width is 1980mm wide you should purchase a tarp between 1830-1950mm wide.

Get the tarp as close as possible to 100mm difference between axle width and tarp size.


    The system is compatible with most factory tippers available in Australia. For a complete list of factory tippers and their body specs click here.

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